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One of the world's top 500 home appliance enterprises - Bangladesh Branch Recruitment Project

High demand for talent: In the limited time, we need to recruit local candidates with many years of management experience in Bangladesh, as well as experience in multinational companies and in the electronics industry.
Lack of enterprise competitiveness: the salary expectation of most local candidates exceed the budget of clients. And the local branch is still in the stage of establishment, candidates have certain concerns.
The recruitment process is relatively long: the interview process involves an interview with people in charge of the headquarters in China, an interview with colleagues in South Asia and a local face-to-face interview, and the offer is issued by the headquarters in China, which makes the whole recruitment process relatively complex and takes a long time.


  • Explore corporate competitiveness, improve corporate brand strength description and subsequent development space display, and adjust offered salary structure and benefits.
  • Focus on the core recruitment positions of the enterprise, design the recruitment schedule and recruitment direction according to the company's needs, and take core management positions as the primary breakthrough.
  • Timely feedback on the progress of the company's interview, actively fasten the recruitment process, and improve the onboarding speed of candidates.

Completed two high-level job recruitments within one month. They are the first two senior managers of the customer branch, laying the foundation for the customer's business development in Bangladesh.

Foreign Teacher Recruitment

One Famous International School in Chengdu

High requirements: At least 3 years of working experience a principal in international schools. Must be familiar with the IB program. Experience of successfully leading the team to apply for IB certificate. And the candidate need to be on board immediately.
School location is not competitive: According to experience, many foreign principals want to go to first-tier cities, few are willing to move from first-tier to second-tier cities

1. Explore the potential of the school and convince the candidates that this opportunity is important for their future development
2. Adjust salary structure and attract more candidates
3. Use different channels to find more candidates and speed up the interview process

Recommend 5 candidates within 2 weeks and finished the project within 1 month. Help schools find the right person to develop their curriculum and strategic plans.

Chinese Visa Service

Shanghai Branch of a multinational food import and export company

When we first approached this multinational food company in 2018, they had not yet established a branch in China. Due to some personnel management restrictions of the Chilean parent company, the initial company establishment and recruitment were relatively slow. This year, due to the impact of the epidemic situation, the representative of the Shanghai branch cannot come to China, which was a big impact on the business, and our company designed a corresponding solution for the above situation.


  • The establishment of foreign enterprises: The Shanghai branch needs import and export license, food circulation license and other related documents, which takes a long time to process, if a new enterprise has just set up, the enterprise will not be carried out in time. In view of this situation, we assist the partner company of our Shanghai branch to complete the change of its legal entity from a domestic company to a foreign company, so as to realize the quick landing of the project.
  • Investor/Business Owner Visa, Chinese Work Visa: According to their educational background, we have designed a work permit program for representative with 4-time salary in category B and a work permit program in category C for foreign graduates with a master's degree.
  • Labor Dispatch and Social Security: We provide special labor dispatch and social security payment solutions for the social security and wage payment of the Chinese employees of our company, which is in full compliance with the relevant regulations and requirements of Shanghai.
  • Business Invitation Letter: In response to the situation that the representative stayed abroad during the epidemic period, we contacted the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office and provided an effective analysis of the necessity of coming to China, tax documents and relevant project information, and invited the representative to return to China during the most serious period of the epidemic in Chile

Job Fairs

On December 28, 2019, "The First Job Fair for International Students in East China Normal University" "The First Job Fair for International Students in East China Normal University" was held in the main campus of East China Normal University, which was organized by ECNU and CHUR and co-organized by CIIC.

From contacting schools, planning, organizing to contacting companies, it only took two weeks in total for this job fair to be held successfully. As a whole, the job fair exceeded our expectation. 46 companies participated, involving more than 100 positions, and more than 1,000 students and alumni from various universities attended the event.

The job fair had several highlights:

1. Many Fortune 500 enterprises and well-known multinational enterprises were invited to participate in the job fair, such as Kosmos Group, Huawei, Ctrip, Haier and many other famous enterprises at home and abroad.
2. In addition to the traditional job fair, our company also designed a special corporate and policy briefing, and invited large enterprises such as Haier, Kosmos Group, CIIC to do the company presentation. At the same time, the officer of the Immigration Bureau also explained the employment policy for foreign students.
3. This job fair was also supported by the chambers of commerce in Shanghai, including the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, all of which made great publicity


Up to now, we have served more than 9,710 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, including overseas talent recruitment services, foreign visa services, recommending tens of thousands of candidates and holding dozens of job fairs and talent contact meetings.

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